(6 Person minimum)
A sumptuous assortment of miniature:

Muffins, Danish, Croissants, Bagels, Scones and more
Assorted Tropicana Juices
Seasonal sliced Fruit Basket
Coffee or Tea

Service includes cream cheese, butter and a variety of jellies

(10 Person minimum)
Inquire about having a Sale & Pepe Chef prepare fresh omelets on location
Served Warm
An Assortment of Omelets, Pancakes, French Toast
Home Fried Potatoes, Turkey & Pork Sausage, Bacon
Assorted Muffins and Bagels

Assorted Tropicana Juices
Seasonal Sliced Fruit Basket
Coffee or Tea
Service includes cream cheese, butter, syrup and a variety of jellies

To energize your Power Breakfast may we recommend:
Eggs Benedict
Poached Eggs Florentine on a bed of Sauteed Spinach

To further enhance your morning fare we also offer:
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
Herbal Tea or Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee
Flavored Coffee of your choice
Flavored Cream Cheeses - Lox, Vegetable, Scallions,
Cinnamon Raisin or Strawberry


(6 Person minimum)
An Assortment of Miniature Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg Salad and Tomato on Miniature Whole Wheat Croissants
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Cucumber on Miniature Bagels
Honey Turkey and Brie with Honey Mustard on Miniature Croissants
Sundried Tomato and Goat Cheese on Miniature Rolls
Classic Chicken Salad on Miniature Scones
Scrambled Egg, Cheese and Ham on Miniature Pinwheel Wraps

Prosciutto with Apple Butter on Miniature Rosemary Rolls
Hummus & Sliced Black Olives on Miniature Whole Wheat Pita


(6 Person minimum)
Smoked Norwegian Salmon tastefully displayed with
Cucumber Rounds, Sliced Vine Ripened Tomato, Cream Cheese Wedges,
Thinly Sliced Red Onion, Lemon and Capers
Served with an assortment of bagels

(6 Person minimum)
Fresh Assortment of Seasonal Berries
served with Vanilla Yogurt and Granola

(6 Person minimum)
An Assortment of Freshly Baked Bagels
Service includes cream cheese, butter and a variety of jellies



All of Sale & Pepe's Catering Packages can be presented on Black China

at a 10% Total Order Surcharge



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