Finger Sandwiches
(10 Person minimum)

Thinly sliced Prosciutto with Fresh Mozzarella and Fresh Basil

Grilled Portabella Mushrooms and Herbed Brie

Smoked Salmon with Fresh Dill, Cucumber and Branston Pickle

Roast Breast of Chicken with Red Bell Pepper Mayonnaise

Cajun Roast Beef and Radicchio with Avocado Salsa

Black Forest Ham and Jarlsberg Cheese with Whole Grain Mustard

Tuna Salad with sliced Stuffed Olives

Fruit and Cheese Platters (10 Person minimum)
A Variety of Seasonal Fruits, Imported and Domestic Cheeses artfully
arranged and displayed. Served with an assortment of Imported Crackers
Mediterranean Platter (10 Person minimum)
Hummus, Babaganoush, CousCous, Taramasalata, Feta, Stuffed Grape Leaves and Olives
Served with Pita Flat Bread and Pita Pocket Wedges

Crudite (10 Person minimum)
Colorful Assortment of Market Fresh, Crisp Vegetables. Served

with our Unique Dips


Chips and Dips (10 Person minimum)
An assortment of crispy dipping delectables including:
fat free
blue and white corn chips, classic chips and more.
Served with three eye opening palate pleasing dips


Pate Platter (10 Person minimum)
A selection of Meat, Vegetable and Seafood Pates served with Cornichons, Baguettes, Crackers and an assortment of Olives

Falafel Platter (10 Person minimum)
Miniature Falafel Puffs, Served with Assorted Hummus and Pita Wedges

Chicken Finger Platter (Serves 10-15 Persons)
Four Types of Chicken Fingers:
Buffalo - Coconut - Panko Crusted - Asian
With Assorted Dipping Sauces

Sliced Fresh Fruit Plater or Salad (10 Person minimum)
With Fresh Seasonal Berries Additional Charge

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